Erice Chronoclimbing


For some years, usually in April, thousands of people are present, with great fervor, at Erice event, included into the international calendar of the chrono climbing. The Erice Chronoclimbing follows a path of about 6 km, very exciting especially for those who love speed and racing. The route is steep and has many curves, from the valley to the summit, that’s to say from Valderice to the straight placed near the monumental complex of San Giovanni of Erice. The Erice chronoclimbing celebrated its 50th edition, in 2007. The attendance of members was huge, also foreign pilots and the vintage car category. It has always been valid as first round of the Italian Speed Mountain. Who would like to visit Erice during the Event, it’s possible to get it by cableway, a way to enjoy the magnificent view from above.

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